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Did you know we have Zoom calls just about every week on WelderSkills?

That's right. Not only do our instructors answer your questions in the comments section of their video uploads, but they also host live Zoom calls covering a range of topics. 

"But I don't have the time to join the call." 

No problem! Every Zoom recording gets uploaded to WelderSkills for you can watch later at your own pace.

"Okay that's great, but why should I sign up for WelderSkills?"

Zoom calls are just one perk of being a WelderSkills member. A WelderSkills subscription also includes special discounts over at Weldmongerstore.com, and ad-free access to our ever-growing library of premium content on desktop, iOS, and Android devices. There's a new video from one of our instructors just about every day.

I'm Jody Collier, by the way. You might have seen my stuff on YouTube, WeldingTipsAndTricks. I wanted to create a better online welding community, so I founded WelderSkills - a great place to get away from some of the BS found in other welding communities and to focus on what matters: the welds! You don't have to take my word for it, either...

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"I got a WelderSkills account and I'm so glad I did. It's great content which I know has made me better at my job. I especially like that everything is high quality instead of the random dice throw of what you find on YouTube and elsewhere. Thanks, guys!"

Denver, CO

"Well fellas, after hundreds of hours under the hood and binge-watching the videos on WelderSkills.com, I interviewed for a welding and fab job. (Dramatic Pause...) Nailed it!!!!! Every piece of weld test advice i could remember came up and came in handy. I never thought something like this was a possibility for me until I started following you guys. After less than a year practicing in the basement, a guy with no professional welding experience walks into a decent sized machine manufacturing company and 'wows' the welding department foreman...All because i picked up a few 'welding tips and tricks'. THANK YOU!!! You guys helped me get to a major 'Pivot Point' in my life."

Cambridge, MA

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